Sandra Palm

Hanna and Mart’s wedding at Sangaste castle

A Christmas-themed August wedding August 2022  Hanna and Mart's wedding took place in August 2022. Their biggest wish was for the wedding to be their face, which resulted in adding Christmas-themed elements. They already had a very supportive vision of the wedding day, and in cooperation we achieved exactly what everyone dreamed. The wedding day… Read More
Sandra Palm

A wedding close to nature in Ravila Karjakastell

A beautiful and close-to-nature wedding in Ravila Karjakastell 31.08.2018 “Thank you SO MUCH for all the arrangements. While I usually always want to keep an eye on everything to see how things are going, on this day I did not worry about that. Because of the knowledge that "our day" is in good hands and… Read More
Laura Strandberg

Christmas wedding in Laitse Granitvilla

Christmas-themed destination wedding in Estonia - with our colorful history, unique traditions and unforgettable experiences 30.12.2019 On their wedding day, Carolyn and Simon stepped into a winter wonderland, which was filled with a pleasant Christmas atmosphere and Estonian traditions. Candles, lanterns and light chains added romance, making the whole atmosphere cozy and intimate. The unique… Read More
Sandra Palm

A private wedding by the sea

Kerli-Kristin and Taavi's romantic city wedding 21.07.2021 "The whole day was a reflection of us. After the wedding, when we asked the family for their thoughts, everyone was very happy with the wedding day and we repeatedly heard that it was the most beautiful and pleasant wedding they had ever been to." - said the… Read More
Stina Kase

Tent wedding at Alatskivi castle

Johanna and Henri's wedding 23.07.2021 "The feeling of going to your own wedding party and being surprised at how beautiful and wonderful everything is, is awesome." - said the bride and groom.  It was indeed a fairytale wedding! Why and how did you decide to get married? We always knew that one day we would… Read More

Birgit and Erik Karu’s elegant wedding

Birgit and Erik Karu's elegant wedding 2021 In 2021, we had the pleasure of organizing so many different weddings, one of which took place in Pärnu. The marriage was united in the Häädemeeste church and wedding celebration took place in the Lepanina hotel. The wedding consisted of several traditional activities and the decorations and overall… Read More

A lovely and energetic wedding at Villa Müllerbeck

A wedding described by the words bliss and positive energy - lots of dancing, laughter and love 09.07.2021 "We will miss those late night chats and calls, you have become very dear to us" the bride and groom said to us on the wedding day. We feel exactly the same - our Elerin and Lauri… Read More

Elegant boho wedding at Vääna Manor

Anna-Helena & Sander’s elegant boho wedding at Vääna Manor 25.07.2021 The bride's mother said on the wedding day: “Don’t just look at each other, look in the same direction too - there is a future!” That quote opened a new chapter in Anna-Helena and Sander’s life - marriage.  “We got engaged in Sander’s country house… Read More

Wedding on a private island – Viirelaid

Wedding on a private island - Viirelaid 13.07.2020 Allan and Maarja's wedding took place in a location where the sun shines 365 days a year - on a private island in Väinameri called Viirelaid. “When we first went to Viirelaid, we fell in love with this place  right away. We couldn’t imagine anything more magical… Read More

Wedding at Ruhe Beachhouse

Aquamarine wedding at Ruhe 04.07.2020 We had been together for three years when we had the idea to make our relationship official. As we both had our jubilees coming on that year, we first told our relatives and friends to book that date because we will celebrate our birthdays together. The fact that it was… Read More

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