Kadri and Art – 50s in Haapsalu Kursaal

July 2023 

Kadri and Art – a particularly wonderful bride and groom, with a wonderful wedding theme. The wedding ceremony of Kadri and Art took place on the platform of the Haapsalu train station, and the wedding celebration was held in Haapsalu Kuursaal in the midst of the 50s fun and charm. The aim was to bring to life the fun, lively and glamorous style of the 50s. We asked the bride and groom some questions about the process of their marriage.

Why and how did you decide to get married?

We decided to marry for love.😊

How long was your wedding planning process?

Our wedding planning process took about half a year.

What was your wedding vision/theme? How did you implement the idea?

We wanted a nice party for us and all the guests. We loved the idea of the 50s style and we wanted to host a hundred guests.

Did you also have to make significant changes in your plans?

One big limitation was the space that would match the style and still have enough space. At first we thought that we would invite guests with their children, but later we realized that it is not realistic to find a suitable venue that fits all the guests.

What was your wish for gifts and flowers from your guests? Why did you solve the question that way?

Gifts and flowers were not the main thing for us. At this stage of life, it seems that we already have more than enough things. Therefore, we told the guests that the most important thing is to come, to contribute to the style and mood of the party. And if you still really want to give something, you can contribute to our travel fund, because it’s an important hobby for us and it will definitely help.

Talk about choosing your wedding venue. What was the main criterion when making the choice?

It was important for us to accommodate all guests in one room. The atmosphere of the room had to fit our concept, i.e. it should not be too modern or sterile.

What would you do differently when planning your wedding today?

Nothing would be different, we were also very lucky with the wedding planner and everything went well.

Most touching moment at the wedding?

The ceremony, which in our case was not ecclesiastical, but scientific, and was conducted by a long-time scientist friend. There were also very nice presentations and speeches – some had prepared for several weeks.

What moments did you and your guests remember the most?

The ceremony, the opening dance, the already mentioned speeches and performances, as well as the night disco, which perfectly matched the mood of the group.

What were you willing to spend the most on at the wedding and what were you willing to save on if necessary?

Food and wine have always been important to us, and when we took on such an event after 23 years of living together, here we did not compromise on quality.

What surprises hit you on your wedding day? Did everything go exactly as planned?

Everything went well, even the weather was perfect.

What do you recommend future brides and grooms to keep in mind when planning their wedding?

We recommend taking the time to plan and think about what you want – don’t just go through all the traditions if they don’t speak to you.

Why hire a wedding planner?

It was our first time doing a wedding and we need an assistant with a lot of previous experience and contacts. Also, on the wedding day, I would like to enjoy the event myself, and not deal with organizational details.

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