Lii and Marko’s dream wedding in Sorrento, Southern Italy

05.09 – 08.09.2022

“Mmm Italian wedding.. Our day. Our Festeggiate l’amore!

Now it seems like a fairy tale or a beautiful dream, but in fact it was quite real, warm Italy with the most loved ones, and a day that actually lasted a little more than one day – wedding days full of laughter, love, salty sea water, beautiful views, fresh flowers, oh and Italian food…”, this is the emotion that accompanies Lii and Marko, remembering the warm September month in Sorrento, where the whole family and the closest were together to celebrate their marriage.

If the wedding celebration is held outside one’s home country, it usually does not last for one night but for a minimum of 2 – 3 days. These moments are accompanied by shared meals, excursions, entertainment, evening sunsets and, what is there to hide, also the most memorable sunrises…

Often, loved ones have never had a get-together like this before, or it’s in the distant past, so it’s wonderful when everyone takes a moment to take time from their busy schedules and enjoy each other’s company without having to go anywhere.

Sorrento is located in southern Italy. It’s surrounded by the Mediterranean breeze, and the same with enchanting mountain views. Filled with olive and grape fields, citrus plantations, pizza and the famous Limoncello.

All this charmed our bride and groom, and therefore they found a perfect location for their wedding celebration under the olive trees, under the Italian sun.

The celebrations lasted for several days. We cooked together and got lessons from old Italian pizza professionals. We enjoyed long breakfasts prepared with all the love by an Italian family, swam and sunbathed, told stories, went for walks, drove boats and Italian cars, played joint games, danced and sang.

The wedding day itself began with preparations, everything went at its own pace, but at the same time there was no excessive stress or anxiety in the air. Many people fear that Italians do not keep their promises or are late, but the real reality is that they respect agreements very much and when the moment is important, they will do everything and even more to make everything work.

The guests enjoyed the pleasant and warm weather of the pool in the morning and gathered in the olive garden in the afternoon, where the ceremony and wedding reception took place.

After the heartfelt ceremony, everyone was greeted with cold Italian Prosecco, and the chefs prepared real mozzarella cheese in front of the guests, cut the juiciest ham and served fresh snacks with incredible speed. Emotional pleasure, both visually and for the sense of taste, was guaranteed. 

A truly magical wedding in Sorrento – we had dinner together under the starry sky and danced to an authentic Italian band.

The next day, we visited the island of Capri together, and the evening ended in a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant, where the waiters danced on the chairs, spun the napkins, and shared incredible memories.

“Everyone felt the pure joy of being together. Celebrate Group was with us from the heart and helped to make these days just as we wanted. They were our right hands and helped us enjoy these days without stressing too much. Celebrate Group helped to turn these days into such a fairy tale, which will be remembered as one bright memory of happiness and love” – the newlyweds.

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