Hiiumaa – our own Riviera

An island, where the beaches go further than the horizon, where the pine forests rise to the sky, where the bays with their magic are just like blue lagoons where even the sand is singing…It is not a place located thousands of kilometers away but it takes a bit over an hour long ferry ride and you are there – in our own Riviera, Hiiumaa.

Quoting Erki Sven Tüür: “Hiiumaa makes the time flow in a different way…”

Celebrate Group often ends up on the island, not only because it is the birthplace of our team members Taago and Merily, but also because we value the uniqueness and privacy of the island and recommend it to our customers.

For example, when a company is having a stressful period, where deadlines are approaching, why not move your office to Hiiumaa. There it is possible to work together without disturbance, get energy from nature and save yourself from extra stress. Moreover, there will be time left over. Quoting Erki Sven Tüür: “…no reason to hide the truth here, Hiiumaa makes time flow in a different way, so after an hour and a half ferry ride I really feel like I’m in a completely different time.”

Private beach ceremony and spectacular wedding party in a majestic Suuremõisa castle

Hiiumaa is also an infinitely exotic place for celebrating your marriage. It is getting more and more trendy to get married just the bride and groom by themselves – the island’s scenic beaches and forests make it all possible. There are many kilometers long private beaches and what could be more romantic than the wedding for just the bride and groom, by the seaside, toe in the water, wind in the hair. Of course the island also offers opportunities for a larger wedding party. 

Party locations in Hiiumaa – from castle to barn, from seashore to primeval forests 

Sometimes brides and grooms have been worried about how people will get to the island, where they will sleep, what they will eat… To calm you down, we can say that Hiiumaa has everything – convenient and fast ferry connection, at least a hundred accommodation establishments, cafes and not to mention the use of local products in the food industry, which taste can be described with no words other than umami. The island hides incredible and unique places to have a very memorable party – from castle to barn, from seashore to primeval forests. It is also possible to set up a tent, because there is more than enough free space there. Of course, permission must be asked from the landowner first and the plan coordinated with everyone.

The locals of Hiiumaa are very friendly. At first they can be reserved and keep to themselves, but once you have become friends with someone from Hiiumaa, they will remember you forever.

We hope that this year everyone will have a chance to visit “the day island” – that is what the Swedish call Hiiumaa – Dagö. However, we must warn that after that, a piece of you will remain there and the soul will often long to return.


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