Aquamarine wedding at Ruhe


We had been together for three years when we had the idea to make our relationship official. As we both had our jubilees coming on that year, we first told our relatives and friends to book that date because we will celebrate our birthdays together. The fact that it was actually going to be a wedding was revealed much later.


We started organizing our wedding a bit over a year before the wedding from finding a suitable location. The date, 4th of July, was important for us because that’s the date when we met for the first time and that is also when we got engaged. We chose Ruhe Rannamaja as the venue for our wedding, because it was also the place where we got engaged.

When the venue was booked, we started to look for the MC. We had noticed Taavi Puuorg, who gave us many good ideas and also suggested that we should invite Peep-Ain Saar to be the master of ceremony. He also recommended that we’d use the help of wedding planners.

The wedding planners were a huge help for us during the whole process of organizing, they helped us to tie all the details together into one whole. Quite soon I started to think about the wedding dress, because that was the base for the visual plan of the wedding. I knew that I didn’t want to marry in a traditional white dress, because it wasn’t my first wedding. As my surname before the marriage was Kullerkupp (eng: globeflower), we thought with the designer Piret Puppart that we should use globeflowers in the embroidery of the dress.

When the design of the dress was ready, we started working on decorations, bridal bouquet, invitations and all the other smaller details and elements. The wedding planners helped us every step of the way – how to combine our wedding colours white, blue and yellow, in the most beautiful way. The invitations were blue, sealed on the top – I have never seen such amazing invitations before in my life. As place cards we had yellow macarons made by Angeelika Kangi. The white fabrics that were hanging down from the ceiling together with light chains created a magical and special atmosphere.


At our wedding we had a feeling like we had gotten into a fairytale. Even the rain couldn’t ruin our mood. Everything was wonderful…

The most moving moments were during the ceremony – the speech of the master of ceremony was very personal and meaningful for us. Also it was heartfelt when my daughter sang us two songs and during the last song she made all the guests sing with her.

It was also possible to capture the moments in front of the photo mirror that was very actively used by the guess.

We are very grateful to our wedding planners and we recommend future brides and grooms to use their help. Thanks to them everything worked out as planned on our wedding day and we didn’t have to worry about anything. In addition they were very friendly and caring, every smallest detail of the wedding was thought through.


The emergency situation was declared during the time when we were organizing our wedding. At first we got quite anxious and confused because the preparations were under our control and we were on the schedule. Suddenly we were in the unknown.

Our biggest worry was whether we could have our wedding in summer at all. But we did not want to postpone the wedding because the date of our marriage was with special importance to us. The idea of cancellation of the wedding didn’t even pop up, we were just thinking that we would then celebrate in a smaller circle, only with family and closest friends. The wedding planners also kept us informed and helped us to think about different scenarios, how we could still have our dream day. We observed the situation and just kept waiting. When the wedding day got closer we had our doubts but we were not scared.

However, we didn’t stay completely untouched by the emergency situation. Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus some of the guests couldn’t take part in the wedding. For example the guests from foreign countries were not able to come and also some of the elderly guests decided to stay home. A few people got the symptoms before the wedding so they didn’t come as well.

According to the situation, the wedding planner had organized nice bottles of disinfectant to the wedding location and to the tables and we gave our guests reusable masks, that were handmade in the colours of our wedding, as souvenirs. If there hadn’t been the coronavirus, we would have definitely given them something else.

The wedding planners were very professional during the process, they adapted to the new situation very fast and gave us great tips. We are very pleased with them!

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